Making screen captures of a DVD

Apparently Apple doesn’t want you to take a screen capture of your DVD movies. When the DVD Player is running, the standard keyboard shortcut Command-Shift-3 is disabled. I did some googling and eventually found a nice work-around.


Run the terminal, run ‘screencapture -c’ to copy the entire screen to the clipboard. You can even tell screencapture to write directly to a file. The only difficulty I have right now is that I can’t run a movie full-screen and still make the capture. There might be a way to tie it to a shortcut key, but my Apple skills are weak.

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14 thoughts on “Making screen captures of a DVD

  1. Forget Apple inhouse DVD Player. It’s buggy. Try VLC, at, a wonderful OpenSource dvd player (ie free). Any kind of movie will work with it. It can also stream video.
    And the mac capture works fine; i just tried it
    Command-Shift-3 and Command-Shift-4 (to select a part of screen)

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