Weekend Bliss and Sleepnessless

I had a business meeting with a client up in Milwaukee on Saturday, so Dena and I jumped in the jeep and headed up north. We headed over to my friend Nate’s penthouse overlooking downtown Milwaukee. We hung out for a bit while we waited for the meeting (which ended up being delayed a few hours). Eventually we left to meet up at the office for our meeting, which was short but productive. My favorite kind of meeting. While we were there I was given a gift* of a Treo 600 smartphone. The only catch is that, after I learn how to use it, I have to teach my client, Rick, how to use it. No big deal and I get to dump my crappy phone in the process.

Afterwards, Nate, Rick, and I met up for drinks with our significant others at Aqua. After a couple rounds, Rick and his lady left for a previously scheduled dinner, but not before arranging for reservations for dinner for us, Nate, and his wife. We sat down and enjoyed a very nice dinner. I tried a Kobe steak for the first time, which was pretty good. We were just finishing our meal and preparing to say no to dessert when the manager came over to our table, set down a plate containing a flourless chocolate cake and homemade cheesecake and told us that Rick had taken care of the bill for us, and the dessert was on the house. We were all a bit taken back at Rick’s generosity. It’s one thing to find a client that’s not afraid to spend money to get results; it’s another thing entirely to find one that’s also this thoughtful.

We got home around midnight and played with the dog for a bit. I was hoping to sleep in, but the dog had to go out around 5am, and Dena woke up shortly after. We managed to take a few hour nap later in the morning, but we probably feel worse now than if we’d just stayed awake. We’re taking it easy the rest of the day, watching movies and playing with the Treo.

* bribe

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