The state of wireless

I finally got around to patching the orinoco wireless driver on my laptop, so I threw in my spare Orinoco gold and fired up kismet for the drive home. The ~15 mile drive yielded some interesting results:

  • Total Networks: 264
  • Unique SSID: 156
    • No SSID: 29
    • Netgear: 9
    • Linksys: 36
    • Default: 19
  • Total Networks with WEP: 122
  • Total Networks without WEP: 142
  • % Networks with WEP: 46.2%
  • Total Networks Factory Default: 8
  • % Networks Factory Default: 3.03%
  • Total Clients: 90
  • Total Packets: 11975

The only thing that surprised me was the percentage of networks that actually were using WEP. The Aurora/Naperville, IL area is fairly tech-heavy, so the number of networks I found in one trip is to be expected. I’m going to continue this experiment over the next week or so and cover a few different routes to and from work. If I can get my gps working properly, I’ll even be able to capture geographical data to go with it.

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