podlet: iPod detection

I finished writing the iPod auto-detection code tonight, which means i’m almost ready to move on to syncronization.

This was a fun bit of code to work on. It was my first time working with Gnome-VFS. It took a little while to get the perl binding to work. That ended up being an old version of the library in Debian. Once I installed the latest version, it worked like a charm.

stone@moradin:~/src/internal/podlet/tests$ ./ipod_detect.pl
iPod detected at /dev/sda2

Essentially, it gets a list of all mounted volumes and iterates through them, checking for the existance of the iTunesDB on the volume. When it finds the file, we’ve found the iPod. I have to add a couple signals to detect insertion and removable of volumes and I can call this piece done.

3 thoughts on “podlet: iPod detection

  1. I’m looking forward to the release. I use a linux workstation at work now and would love to have the sync features your talking about.

  2. I just got my free iPod in the mail today so I’ll be glad to use this program. 🙂

    Oh, if anyone else needs to get referalls for their ipods or wants to get a free ipod, try my tool.

    Good luck guys!

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