Spring rules

You know what rules?

For lunch, I took the dog for a ride to the car wash and, for the first time since I’ve owned it, washed the jeep. Then I swung through Taco Bell and ordered cinnamon twists for the dog. Stopped at the walking path near the house, ate lunch and took the dog for a walk.

Now I’m sitting on the front porch, temperature in the mid-60s, and coding. The dog is on her long leash next to me, watching the neighbor (who til this day still hasn’t said a word to me since he moved in nearly two years ago despite attempts at making conversation) fertilize his lawn. When Dena gets home I’ll fire up the grill and we’ll have hamburgers and potatoes. I even found time to clean the inside of the jeep. It looked like someone had been living in it for a few weeks.

Tomorrow promises to be another gorgeous day like today. Unfortunately that will be the end of the nice weather for a few days, but that’s okay. Spring is finally here and damn does it feel good.

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