The Big Apple

We had a great time during our trip to New York City earlier this month.

The night we arrived, Adam & Matt from #linux on, took the train into down to meet us.
LordHunter (Adam) and Matthias

Together we braved the subway to Brooklyn where we feasted on some of the best pizza in the world:

Grimaldi's Pizzeria

The line was long but well-worth the wait:

Grimaldi's Pizzeria

Adam & Matt are, respectively, two of the smartest and funniest people I know. It was nice having a chance to split some pie and talk to them in person.

The next day Dena and I set out early. We knew we wanted to see the Statue of Liberty but neither of us thought we’d get so close. A ferry took u to Liberty Island where we spent a couple hours taking pictures and sampling food from street island vendors.

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

Afterwards, we took a short stop at Ellis Island. It was getting late in the day and our feet were killing us so we only stayed for about 45 minutes.

We strolled around Times Square, where we visited the “Toys R Us” store, where they charged us three times for our :

LEGO Yankee's hat

Times Square

Hershey's Chocolate in Times Square

Ben & Jerry's

We made sure to take a stop at the remains of the World Trade Center. We saw Ladder Company 10, directly across from ground zero, roll out for a call:


and some interesting memories left behind:

Ground Zero Poem


On our last day, we had lunch at Tavern on the Green:

Tavern on the Green
and took a stroll through Central Park:

Sleeping in the park

Old guys

Probably the strangest sight of all:

Viking love in Central Park

All in all we had a great, if tiring, time. You’ll have to excuse the strange blur visible in some of the pictures. It was only part-way through the weekend that I noticed the piece of lint on the inner glass of my good lense. I’m still sorting through pictures so stay tuned to my Flickr for updates.

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