Rest in Peace Barney




Barney came into our lives on Mothers day when I was in High School. He was my best friend, even posting in my senior pictures with me. After my parents divorced, he went to live with my Dad in Wisconson. I tried visited at least once a year, and he was always excited to see me.

He was hands-down the best dog I’ve ever had. He got along with everyone, including our cats. They used to sleep with him, and clean his face. In his later years he was my dad’s only constant companion.

The last few years were getting hard on him. It grew difficult for him to move around, especially during the winter. This past summer we decided that it would not be fair to him to make him suffer through another cold Wisconsin winter. His mind was still sharp but his body was not holding up. At the end, old age and cancer attacked him but he still kept his good spirits.

Yesterday at 8:30am, after more than 15 years of steadfast companionship, my dad took him to the vet where they put him to sleep. He’s now buried in the backyard of my dad’s lot, in his favorite spot under a tree, along with the pillow he slept with.

Farewell, faithful friend. I’ll miss you always.

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2 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Barney

  1. I’m sorry to hear about that. I had a dog, Rico who we had to put to sleep at the age of 13 — same story really; his body failed him. He was near completely blind, and had other complications.

    It was a sad day when we put him down. My dad spent 20 minutes talking to him outside the vet — he’d never really said anything to Rico apart from “In!” or “Out!” or “Don’t look at people when they eat!” before.

    We still have Rico’s son, and even after all these years, he still perks his ears up when he hear’s Rico’s name mentioned.

  2. My condoleances.
    We had a dog once as well but it was much the same ‘cept he died while keeping my mother company while she was out picking mushrooms in the forest.

    keep em up Adam.

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