A beautiful start to the week

I’m in southern California this week for work. I flew in to San Diego on Sunday and met up with some friends from AbsoluteWrite. We spent the day hiking in the mountains east of the city. Exhausting but fun. That evening, after dining on Tapas, I made the drive up to Orange County, where I’ll be until Wednesday.

I’m working from the corporate office, a pair of rented offices in a business park near the Irvine Spectrum. I’m training someone, showing them how the business works and how they’ll be able to help me manage the workload. Delegation, as I am discovering, is a wonderful thing.

We went to the Yardhouse for an absolutely yummy lunch (Mac and Cheese!). When we returned to the office, I found an e-mail from James Gunn waiting for me. I have officially been accepted into the CSSF Writer’s Workshop! I am extremely excited about the opportunity.

I’ll be flying home on Wednesday and sleeping until Friday (or so I wish). These trips to the home office are always productive but tiring.

3 thoughts on “A beautiful start to the week

  1. Congratulations on being accepted into the writers workshop!

    and YUM! mac and cheese…… cheese is my twinkie! 😉

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