NaNoWriMo: Day 4

The night is still early, and based on the wacked sleeping schedule I seem to have adopted lately, I have another six to eight hours to write. After an afternoon of writing, I now stand at 5,036 words. This has officially become the longest continuous story I have written to date. In order to be on track, I’ll need to be at 6,668 by the end of the day.

Hemingway said “The first draft is always shit.” If he were alive today and doing Nano, I suspect he would amend that to say “complete and total shit”.

The working title of this novel is “The Dark Edge of Night”. Emphasis on working title. I’ve posted the first chapter on the Nano site, if you can get it to load.

My favorite line so far, in chapter two:

They crossed the foyer and entered the chapel, walking past row after row of dark wooden pew, their surfaces polished by decades of pious asses squirming in uneasy silence.

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