Scribbling away

February is now just half over and Mother Nature can’t seem to decide if it’s winter or spring. In the last few days there we have seen snow, rain and thunder. The area has been under flood warnings all day and most of the snow is now melted or replaced with a layer of ice.

Andrea and I have been digging through market lists and guidelines, figuring out what deadlines are looming and what anthologies or markets we’d like to submit to. Ralans and Duotrope are invaluable resources, to be sure. Following the blogs of authors/editors I like has also yielded some leads on upcoming anthologies although I feel like there’s still a secret handshake I have yet to discover.

In addition to the clockwork fable story for Shimmer due at the end of the month, I have a handful of stories in the edit pile that I’d like to get out the door and one WIP that I’d like to get finished. There may be a few anthologies with deadlines this quarter that I’ll be able to submit to and the Writers of the Future quarterly deadline is just 40 or so days away.

A new year brings another round of workshops to consider. Clarion applications are due by March 1st, if I decide to apply this year. With Neil Gaiman teaching in San Diego this year and Cory
Doctorow in Seattle, it’s a real temptation. There’s also the CSSF workshop that I completely enjoyed and would do again in a heartbeat. Otherwise I’m just going to keep plugging away and keep on submitting.

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