I installed the latest version of .Text a few days ago. As happens with beta software, the upgrade broke things. I’ve managed to fix the critical things and I’m now cleaning up the layout a bit. The good thing about this particular software is that it’s written in a language that I enjoy, C#. I’ve finally gotten a chance to familiarize myself with the layout of the project and have started to customize things.

Eventually I’ll be able to recreate some of the content features I had before, in a way that’s easier for me to manage, such as my story stats and Amazon links. For now, though, the site is functional. I think I’ll take a break and watch “Bringing Out the Dead”.

What’s wrong with Howard Dean?

A friend of mine, one of my fellow moderators at Ars Technica, couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was about Howard Dean that bothered him. When the reason finally dawned on him, he decided that words could not accurately describe it so he came up with this:

What's wrong with Howard Dean?

Given my conservative poltical stance, I thought it would be fun to share this gem.

Did I say that?

Apparently I posted this in my resolutions entry last year:

In my mind, making a new years resolution is a good thing, if done in the proper context. Short-term goals (as I consider these) should be realistic. Saying that you will lose fifty pounds is unrealistic. Saying that you will drastically change your life is unrealistic. They can be accomplished, but not in the short-term.

I think you can see a difference between these two photos of me taken last year: [April 2003 | December 2003]

Well, since August of last year I lost a total of fourty-four pounds. Not quite the fifty I mentioned in my resolutions rant but close enough to make no difference. I hope crow is low-calorie, as I seem to have been served a dish.

Back in the saddle again

I’m finally beginning to settle in at home. The jet lag hit me harder than I thought. That coupled with the illness and I was one tired dude.

My resolutions from last year are the same this: keep writing. I’m working on a new story now, making progress nearly every day. As long as I can spent most of my lunch hours writing there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to finish a have dozen stories of reasonable quality.

I have an entire year to look forward to. There are conventions to attend, stories to be written and submitted and readers to annoy. While the past year was rough ride I have high hopes that this one will come out on top.