Day 0, – Home — November 31, 2003

Our final day before the trip was spent doing all of those bothersome last minute things, like running to various stores and picking up last minute items that we had forgotten (voltage converter and toiletries), cleaning out the refrigerator, doing homework, packing, etcetera.
While we were out, we met Annie at the Apple store where she finally bought herself an iBook. Annie went up north to Wisconsin for the Thanksgiving holiday and her laptop died on the trip home and she just couldn’t face the thought of going to New Zealand without one. I guess all the taunting Dena and I had done about how much we liked our Apple notebooks finally rubbed off on her.
Laptop in hand, we headed back home to prepare for our journey. We were all feeling the tingle of excitement. We chattered all afternoon while giving Annie tips and tricks for her iBook. We spent frantic hours running around checking and double-checking our baggage.
By the time we were satisfied that we hadn’t forgotten anything major it was nearly midnight, and the limo was due to pick us up four hours later. We all crashed for a short three-hour nap before the busy day awaiting us.

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