Back by popular demand, Miniputt!

30 thoughts on “Miniputt

  1. miniputt is such a class game!!! its alot betr than actuly doin work and passing my A-levels.

  2. Actually scored a 35 yesterday, was looking to beat it today but have managed to get ball stuck outside the borders on hole 4…not sure how to get back into play, just keeps bouncing around outside…

  3. I played this a LOT for about a week last year. I scored an 18 – no joke. I even took a screen shot because I knew no one would believe me…

  4. This game is awesome…one thing, can we make it cover the whole screen?

  5. I got a 19 baby ne one wanna try to beat….. o thats what i thought!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. yea that game was the shizzle my nizzle. try beating 18. o yea what up now. this is fo my hom boyz lil ray ray and t rex up off the streets of big harlem. yo yo

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