What’s Wrong with this Picture?

This site has gone through many revisions and like the clichéd phoenix, it continues to rise from the ashes of its previous incarnation.

Popularity struck big in March 2002 with “What’s wrong with this picture?”. My cousin sent me this “picture”, and I wanted to share it with some friends and family. I abhor sending unsolicited file attachments, so I put it on my website and emailed the link, with a carefully crafted blurb to entice them to click, to a select few. Within days my server overloaded from the traffic it was receiving. I worked fast and adjusted a few things performance-wise, and watched the hits come in.

Stats for March 2002:
811,449 unique visitors
1,144,262 visits
2,694,724 pages served
8,489,856 hits
122.60 GB bandwidth used

While doing some random googling I stumbled across an interesting article:

“What’s wrong with this pic? – The product of a daggy programmer from Illinois, this simple email based gag has all the key ingredients of a classic viral email – surprise, simplicity and originality.” — icon.inc

Of course, they don’t have their facts quite right. First, I didn’t create the gag (although I am a programmer). Second, while the number of unique viewers was impressive, it was no where near 3.6 million. Lastly, I discovered that ‘daggy’ is Australian slang for stupid or unpleasant. I definitely disagree with that assessment.

If you want to see What’s wrong with this picture, you can find it here on the author’s website.

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