The Swordsmen: Bold and Stupid Men At Your Service

We took the train downtown [Chicago] yesterday. After a delightful lunch at the Berghoff, we strolled down State Street. Our destination was the Noble Fool theatre. We were way too early, so we shopped at the Borders next door to the theatre. I bought Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai as research for a story I’m working on. Then we headed over for the show. We’d seen the Swordsmen at the Bristol Renaissance Faire before, but those shows are always short. Their stage act was a complete show full of audience participation (some more reluctant than others). “Guido” and “Dirk” are really a class act. Through poetry and swordsmanship they draw laughter from the crowd. Be warned, they do draw on the audience for parts of their act. If you’re there as a couple, be aware that if you volunteer your loved one to the stage, you will also become part of the show.

The show is great fun for any age, young or old. If you ever have the chance to watch these two swordsmen, don’t pass it up.

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