…the weekend is here! It was a long week at work and thankfully I finished everything I set out to do. The firewall I spent countless hours building and configuring is working flawlessly. Now I can relax and enjoy the weekend. Christmas is getting close, so I’m going to start my shopping today. Besides the crowds, I think the biggest reason I usually procrastinate is shopping alone. I need to find a way to trick convince my cousin Annie to go with and keep me company.

2 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. Hello- wandered over here from some link somewhere (maybe that little free text ad thingie?). Nice design, the color is cool. I was a Nanowrimo wannabe too *sigh* got over 33,000 words. November is a wretched month for such a thing anyway. I had two novels going for a while- one was too well thought out even to be fun to write. I dont’ like it when it becomes just technique. Good luck with your short stories!!

  2. Yeah right, “convinced” my foot!

    All I know is, whatever you do, do not let Adam give you the puppy-dog-eyes look! Its total mind control! 0_0!!

    (ah, you know I had fun cuz’!)

    Oh and *wave*, hi Anne 🙂 ’tis a nice site Adam has here.

    Well, gotta go. Good luck all with your writing.

    ~ Annie
    Adam’s “coherced” …er… “convinced” cousin

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