Hump Day

Well, the work week is half way over and what a good week it’s been so far.

Tuesday I finished the first draft of “Temperament”, a fantasy short story. Tomorrow I’ll start doing cleanup and edits. Hopefully I’ll have a solid draft ready for group in a few weeks.

This morning we went to see the 12:01am showing of The Two Towers. I try to go into movies, especially ones of this magnitude, with few expectations. I accept that the director can and will take some dramatic license and I want to still try and enjoy the story being told. That said, Peter Jackson did an excellent job (again). It was completely enjoyable. I found myself sitting in a dark theatre at 3:15am and saying “again, again!”.

Work was nice enough to give me the day off. I managed to sleep in a whole two hours. We went out this afternoon and did some shopping. We’ve been wanting to get a new television, and the picture tube in ours is starting to go. We spent several weeks shopping around, and finally bought one today. A 65″ widescreen made by Sony. It will be delivered Sunday. It’s going to be a moment of multimedia bilss. I can’t wait.

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