Holiday Entr’acte

Christmas last week, and new years this week. This weekend would have been a nice resting period, but we had one emergency come up and family came into town.

Saturday afternoon was spent driving around looking for an optometrist. Dena was cleaning her glasses friday night when the frames split down the center. It wasn’t her fault. Upon closer inspection, I suspect there was a flaw in the frames. The break was completely even. It had been a few years since her last eye exam, plus her normal doctor wasn’t open. We finally found a Pearl Vision Center open that had a doctor available. After a thorough exam, we trecked to the mall (the on-site lab was closed for the day) and luckily found another Pearl Vision Center. After a few hours of walking around the mall, the lab finished up with Dena’s glasses and we went home for some much-needed rest.

Today was spent with Dena’s family. Her uncle and his new wife took the train in from Vermont and are visiting for a week. We had lots of fun. We played a domino game called ‘chicken foot’. I won resoundingly, and I didn’t even cheat.

Throughout the weekend I’ve been dealing with work-related problems. So much for so-called ‘managed services’. We have two companies that we outsource some services to. One or both of them are having issues this weekend, and neither of their ’24/7′ helpdesks seem to be manned.

Now, the weekend is almost over. I’m utterly exhausted. I did managed to sneak in a little writing, but otherwise I don’t feel like I accomplished much this weekend. At the very least, my nights over the next few weeks will be busy with catching up on contract work that slipped behind with the holidays. My lunchtime writing sessions are paying off, and I’m almost ready to hand over a draft to Dena. I should probably stumble to bed soon. My mind is kind of rambling, sort of like this entry.

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