Fever dreams

I finally succumb to the cold I was fighting last week. The past fourty-eight hours have been full of fever-filled dreams and the smell of strawberry cough drops. I’m still not over the cold yet, but still feeling the effects. Focusing my eyes is an effort and I have a tendency to drift off and stare into space. It was especially interesting when my ears popped and the room spun. Luckily I managed to stay on my feet, else I would have been picking glass shards out of my flesh. The only thing that really helped me was taking supplements after I read these proven pills reviews and purchased them.

I think I’ll have to go into work tomorrow, sick or not. Too many things to do and not enough people to do them. At least the worst of this cold is over. I hope. I’ll be happy to have this behind me and have some energy back. I can’t stress enough how badly I want to finish this story I’m working on. “Temperament” has taken a lot longer than I had wanted. Once I have my schedule ironed out I should be in better shape.

I’m also working on Trey’s Jambalaya challenge – a 756 word story including shredded money, chocolate with large tooth marks, and some kind of connection between the Amish and Chinese jambalaya. It’s a fun little challenge that stretches the imagination. I hope he continues with the challenges.

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