Sicks and Styx

Well, I’m still suffering through this blasted cold. It started out as a minor sinus infection, not uncommon during this time of year. It quickly degraded to a full blown cold and cough, and subsequent nosebleeds. I thought it was getting better, but apparently it was just gathering reinforcements. Now along with the original cold, I also have an inner ear infection. And to top it all off, I haven’t been able to sleep more than a few hours a night for the past three nights. This also forced me to miss tonights writer’s group meeting.

Of course, waking up around four in the morning does have its benefit. I’ve been able to squeeze in a little writing, between gasping for breath. It gives me new respect to those with the kind of seasonal allergies and have to deal with this all the time.

Dena’s going to a Styx concert with her girlfriend tomorrow, so I’m going to spend the night writing. I’m still working on Trey’s Jambalaya challenge, which is due on Saturday. Coming up with a story involving shredded money, chocolate with large teeth marks, and a connection between the Amish and Chinese Jambalaya wasn’t easy, but I finally came up with something I was satisfied with. I may even post it here when I’m done.

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