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Being the news junkie that I am, I’ve scoured the web for good news sources. Mainstream media outlets are easy to find, especially thanks to Finding reliable streaming audio or video seems to be much more difficult.

CNN has a free audio stream, but it seems to repeat the same news over and over. The BBC has a video stream, but I had problems with it staying up. It would time out every few minutes. MSNBC has a video stream, but it suffered under heavy traffic as well. I finally jumped on the WLS-AM stream. They were rebroadcasting the ABC news feed for most of the day, but eventually stopped and returned to normal programming. It’s understandable, considering the volume of people who go online for their news now, especially from work.

The other overlooked news medium is IRC. CNN has a chat server at, but they seem to have frequent problems keeping the headline stream running. I came across an IRC feed second-hand from Fox News today, but I don’t know where the original source is from. If I could find that I’d turn it into an applet of some kind. Oh well.

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