Word counts

I’ve decided I need to start tracking my daily word counts. Setting specific goals is fine and dandy, but if I don’t write every day I slip, and my goals quickly are forgotten. I may stick some sort of table to the left with the running total.

As of today, I have 100 words on a new story tentatively called Mirror, Mirror. The hour or so of writing I get in at lunch isn’t doing much to satisfy my creative palette. There are simply too many distractions at work. Phone calls, meetings and bosses have little distinction between work and lunch when you’re at your desk.

I haven’t decided when I’ll post my daily word count, but I’m leaning towards end of day, just before bed. I’m going to get up an hour earlier, with the hour at lunch, and potentially another hour at night, depending on my contract schedule. A few hundred words a day, while not as much as some can produce, adds up if done consistently. And isn’t that the key to writing, after all? Consistency?

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