Working weekend

Yet again I spend a weekend working. It does get tiring after awhile, but I’m hoping that the upcoming Memorial Day weekend will get me a little rest and relaxation.

We’re preparing to add more traffic, so we needed new servers to handle the additional load. Most of the parts came in mid-week. Most. One of the cases arrived Thursday, but the second still hasn’t shown up yet. They were ordered at the same time, from the same company, so I’m still not sure why they were shipped seperately. I spent all day yesterday building that one new server. This is a new case (cheaper) than the previous one’s I’ve ordered, so I had to spend a little time learning the new case, but otherwise it went smooth. That was, of course, until it failed to boot, and I disassembled it to find that one of the CPU’s (in a dual processor system) hadn’t seated in the socket properly. The day ended with one working server and one nasty scar on my finger. Typical day of computer building. If you don’t bleed, you’re not doing something right.

Today I’m working again, but luckily I can do so remotely from home. I have to finish configuring software and replicating data to this new server, and finish debugging my code that is set to go into production tomorrow. I really can’t wait to get someone hired to help out with the system building/maintenence portion of things.

Hopefully things go smoothly today. I need to give Shaken, not Stirred and prepare my cover letter to Analog.

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