The bounce that just won’t stick

I received the final rejection for Shaken, not Stirred, completing the triumvirate. I received some nice comments from two of the markets (and the standard white form letter from Analog). Two that stood out include:

“There is a good joke piece in here, it just needs more work.” – Andromeda Spaceway

“It is a nicely written tale, but it is not a Feghoot. — Planet Relish

For those of you wondering what a Feghoot is, it is “…a short-short story that ends in a very groan-worthy pun.”. Alas, my joke story doesn’t quite fall under that category. I knew the title was going to be a potential problem but I was stuck on it. It’s time to drop this piece in a drawer until time has given me a more objective perspective on it. Plus, I’m all out of markets to send it to.

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