Thinking different

After a long day of writing image filters (detecting diagonal lines embedded in an image is more complex than it seems), I finally decided to take a break and install the newest OS release from Apple, Panther.
My 12″ iBook, an 800Mhz G3, is a nice little machine, a bit slow but reliable and great for writing. It’s easy to throw it in my bag and sling it around my shoulder and the battery life is great. Still, the minor but noticable sluggishness always bothered me a bit. I listened carefully to reviews by the early adopters when Panther was first released a few weeks ago. The reports of increased performance filled me with anticipation.
The installation process went as smooth as could be expected, which is always a good thing. Copy new files, optimize, reboot and it was done. Perfectly.
I ran the upgraded system through my normal pattern of usage: listen to music with iTunes, chat via iChat and XChat and write via Word. Those early reports I had read were more accurate than I expected. Everything seemed to run smoother. Even iTunes, which is arguably the most intensive application I run on OS X, ran smooth. All in all, a very pleasant upgrade experience. With previous complaints about sluggish behavior gone and the extended battery life of the iBook (around 5 hours per charge), I expect to enjoy my mobile computing experience while abroad in New Zealand. I plan on keeping a daily journal of our travels and experiences while overseas and I can’t bring myself to bust out the pen and paper again.

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