Day 8 – Queenstown NZ, December 9, 2003

Today is a little more of a relaxed day. We boarded a small plane in Hamilton this morning for the 25 minute flight north to Auckland and now we’re on our way to Queenstown, on the south island. I’m just now catching up on my journal. The last two days have been rather difficult because of this epic battle of microscopic proportions taking place in my lower intestine and the migraine that decided to join in on the fun. Luckily the worst is now past.

Today is the eighth day of our vacation. The time has gone fairly quickly so far, considering we’ve stayed at five different places, flown over 15,000 miles and driven more than 500km. It doesn’t seem like our trip is nearly half over.

We’ll be in Queenstown for four nights. It will be nice to be in one place for a few days again. We need to do laundry and shopping, and I need to finish my postcards. We should have a bit of time to ourselves this week to finish things up.

Tonight we’re heading to a Maori concert and feast, which should be quite interesting. I love experiencing different cultures. It helps to broaden ones view of the world. As many things as I find different here, I find just as many that are similar. We may all be of different races, creeds or cultures but on the grander scale we’re a part of the same family.

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