Day 15 – Nelson NZ – December 16, 2003

Most of the group went on a helicopter ride today, leaving Dena and I to do some shopping. We picked up some souvenirs and scratched our heads at how the economy here is different. For goods produced here, the price seems to be fairly comparable to back home. For imported goods, however, there can be a wide difference which I can’t completely wrap my mind around. Products that have to be imported from the US, for example, would, should, and do cost more. There are more costs involved in getting those products to market. When the product is being imported from Asia, however, I would expect lower prices, not more, since there is a considerably shorter distance to transport them. “Personal entertainment”, such as books, Cds and DVDs were the most shocking. They seem to, on average, cost at least twice as much here. I couldn’t imagine paying more than I would pay at home for a nice hardcover book for a paperback here.

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