Making progress feels good

I’ve made some awesome progress on apt-checkpoint lately. There are four primary commands that apt-checkpoint recognizes: create, view, diff, and rollback. Right now, all but rollback are functional. Rollback will probably be the most difficult, which is why I saved it for last.

I’m going to get a project page up in the next few days. I applied for one at SourceForge, but then Jorge pointed me over to Alioth, so I’ve applied there as well. To be honest, SourceForge looks like it has more features, but Alioth is a Debian-run service, which might be better for me in the long-run, considering I want to become a Debian Developer. I guess I’ll wait and see who approves my project first and see how impatient I am.

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4 thoughts on “Making progress feels good

  1. true rollback will either require a change to apt-get, or coding up something LIKE apt-get which takes a version number. Either we download our version into the cache when we checkpoint or when rolling back we try to get it. I think when the checkpoint is made the apt cache should be synced if possilbe, much more likely to be around before than after.

    either way let me know, I’ve been itching to add this to apt for some time now, but always get distracted.

  2. sorry, didn’t know about the archive site debian has (newish?) which you make use of

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