Spyware syndicate

Some people got it in their heads that I was the creator of some kind of Spyware. They made a very vague association, added two plus two and somehow came up with sixty-four. I’ve been fielding random emails over the past several months, but last night I actually got a phone call as I was getting ready for bed. The caller was calm, after I explained that I wasn’t responsible. Placated, he agreed to call me back at work the next day so I could figure out how to remove the blasted thing. After doing some digging today, I wrote up this page, to both plead my case and provide instructions on removing the spyware.

Of course, the call unnerved me a bit. It took me several hours to get to sleep and even then I didn’t sleep very well. Hopefully now, though, people will take the time to read this before jumping to conclusions and making wild threats.

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