My wife rules

We spent our traditional Christmas day with Dena’s parents. It was a fun-filled day of food, cookies, and naps.

I got some awesome gifts that I just have to share.

There was an envelope sticking out of The Works of Victor Hugo. I was shocked to find two tickets to Les Miserables (my favorite musical), and then had to do a double-take when I saw the seating. Orchestra, Row A, dead center.

I fell in love with the DLO TransPod FM All-In-One Car Solution after seeing the one in Kurt’s car. Dena’s mom got me one. It’s going to make long trips much easier to handle.

The Nintendo DS has to be one of the hottest toys of the season. I’ve been on the lookout for one ever since Jorge called to tell me about his. Dena and I had commiserated over the lack of DS availability. Boy she had me fooled. Here’s the Nintendo DS, some games, and the Lexar 512MB JumpDrive that I got (shown with the Fujitsu P5000 for size perspective).

I also got:

  • The most kick ass limited-edition print of Gimli (from Lord of the Rings). I’ll post more about it when the artist makes it available (I got issue 1/20)
  • Victorinox Cybertool 36
  • Wireless controllers for the XBox
  • Kill Bill Volume 2, The Bourne Conspiracy, and Dodgeball DVDs
  • A nice pair of Panasonic headphones
  • Super Mario 64 and Spiderman 2 for the Nintendo DS
  • Masters of Doom (How Two Guys Created an Empire and Transformed Pop Culture). Someone I’ve worked with read the book and told me it reminded him of me, so I figured I’d give it a read.
  • My mom got me a copy of the Davinci Code. I’ve always been facinated with this kind of story, and so far it’s a good read.
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