More libnautilus-pr0n

I made some nice progress on libnautilus-pr0n today. I have it reading the width and height from each image (more or less). I have to see why some images aren’t checked (I suspect my code that detects if a file is an image). I need to make the extension work asyncronously, and have it cache the results so it doesn’t have to re-read the file every time.


Kinda cool. It doesn’t sort as perfectly as I’d like. For example, if you were to sort from smallest to largest, an “800×600” image would appear after a “1600×1200” image, because “8” is greater than “1”. I’m not sure if I can take control of that through an extension, so that might require some hacking of Nautilus itself. I could also seperate width and height into their own columns, but I think that would get too messy.

I also started looking at libexif today, so I can add exif columns to nautilus.

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