Flickr and f-spot

I went to export a picture from f-spot to flickr this morning. The export failed and reported a problem logging in. Naturally, I double-checked my password and tried it a few more times without luck. Flickr had recently made some changes on their end, so I killed f-spot and fired it up in a terminal. Sure enough, somewhere during the login process it was throwing an integer overflow exception. Flickr is just too cool to be held back, so I grabbed f-spot from CVS, found the bug, wrote a patch, and saw it get committed this morning.

It’s a good start to the day so far. A meeting with a client I expected to last more than an hour took all of 10 minutes and I feel pretty good considering I was up until 2am trying to downgrade my laptop from Breezy to Hoary (and subsequently repair udev) to troubleshoot a smbfs issue.

Hopefully this bodes well for my productivity at Penguicon. I’m going to be hacking on some Mono apps all weekend, if all goes as planned.

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