Detroit Hackfest

I’m heading to Detroit tomorrow to hang out with Jorge and the rest of the Detroit crew. A weekend of hacking on code and eating unhealthy food. Just my idea of relaxation.My only dilemna is what to hack on. Here are the current candidates:

tomboy – Adding network support so that you can access and search notes across multiple machines. Ideally advertised with rendezvous. No more wondering which machine you left a note on.

libnautilus-pr0n – Add some new functionality to my nautilus media-sorting extension, like exif tags and perhaps video support.

gnome-launch-box, a very cool launcher. I’ve patched it to work with Ubuntu Breezy. There’s still work to be done to improve the performance. I still don’t know if this is actively being maintained. I haven’t been able to get an answer from the projects maintainers.

Porting Expresso to Linux/Mono. Expresso was originally released on the Code Project. I’ve talked to the author, Jim, and he confirmed that I’m free to port the original code to whatever I need. This would be a very useful tool to have in Linux.

I know Jorge and n0p are interested in gnome-launch-box. Andy is excited about porting Expresso. I want to do them all but I know that’s not logistically possible. I guess I’ll let peer pressure decide for me.

5 thoughts on “Detroit Hackfest

  1. Dude, you could do me a favor and fix this mplayer/a52 bug I’ve been beating my head against the wall with. ;)Have fun!

  2. I can’t find any docs on gnome-launch-box. Is there a shortcut to start it? Do you have to "launch" it every time, or does it just run in the background?

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