Need some local Linux help

If anyone is local to the Chicago area (or willing to drive over for the weekend *cough*detroit guys*cough*) send me an email or hit me on IRC. I need to get someone the weekend of August 27th to help configure servers, and the weekend of September 3rd to go to the data center, install, and test in a real environment.

I need someone comfortable installing Linux (Ubuntu) and configuring some services (Apache2, Postgresql, etc). I’m super busy so I could use an extra pair of hands to hang out with me and get six servers installed. Food, housing (if needed) and money will be provided 🙂

At the data center, we’ll be bringing in these servers, installing them in the rack hooking them into the switch and testing everything. It’ll be a fun, geeky time.

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3 thoughts on “Need some local Linux help

  1. I think I could be up for a weekend geeking it up in Chicago. Let me see what crap has hit the fan Monday from the Autoweb office move and I will let you know about helping to install server next weekend.


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