I was chatting on irc and organizing my wallpaper when I realized that there was no way to set my background image directly through Nautilus. I cracked open Anjuta and got to work.

Here is the result: nautilus-wallpaper

I still need to wrap my brain around autoconf, automake, etc. I did manage to hack the Makefiles so that the extension is installed to prefix/lib/nautilus/extensions-1.0. Hopefully there aren’t any other quirks with that.

2 thoughts on “nautilus-wallpaper

  1. I built a .deb for Ubuntu Hoary (yeah, I know, obsolete in two weeks) — lemme know if you want it.Pretty cool lil extension.  Oh yeah, we should swap wallpaper collections sometime – I’ve got 323MB in my wallpaper directory.

  2. Already i installs the bookshops but it does not work, I have that activat a little(something)?

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