Speed blogging

I’m so backed up on things I wanted to say (again) I’ll just do another set of bullets.

  • We’ll be in New York City in early November. I’m going to Ad Tech and Dena is coming along. Hopefully we’ll have time for some fun touristy stuff and lots of picture-taking.
  • I discovered memcached last week while doing performance tuning. It was originally developed to help speed things up on LiveJournal. It’s especially useful in that it runs as a daemon and can be accessed from multiple machines and a variety of languages. If you’re looking for a way to boost performance, check it out.
  • National Novel Writing Month is approaching. I signed up again this year. It’s been far too long since I wrote some fiction so I’m going to use this as an exercise in motivation and scheduling.
  • Dena finally convinced me that I really do need to wear my glasses. I’d managed to convince myself that I could still make out enough of the fuzzy shapes to get by but a bought with a sinus infection made me realize that the strain that was putting on my eyes wasn’t helping. Thanks, dear!
  • Work is still kicking my ass. This migration is eating up way more hours than I ever put in at any real job, but at least I have a vested interest this time.
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