I went to Detroit last weekend to hang out with Jorge and the gang for another hackfest. As a benefit, I also got a chance to sit down with my new employee/co-worker, Flav. Yay for remote workers. I’m always up for an excuse to hang with the Detroit crew.

As far as hacking went, I worked on a new project for Ars Technica. That should see the light of day soon. The rest of the time was spent socializing. I was sporting my new (to me) G4 PowerBook and spent some time customizing the interface. Scott Collins is my new hero in that regard. He pointed out VirtueDesktops, which is my new favorite application. By the end of the weekend I had converted my entire workflow to work with OSX.

By Sunday I was pretty tired. Hacking from 8AM til 3AM every day took its toll on me. I packed up, met up with Flav to go over business, and then headed home.

Traveling, for business, pleasure or both, has its novelty. I like meeting with people, exchanging ideas and code, and just hanging out. At the end of the day, though, it’s always a relief to come home, hug Dena, play with the dogs and cats and sleep in my own bed.

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