Roger Waters

Dena and I went to see Roger Waters (aka Pink Floyd) Friday night in Tinley Park. Neither of us had ever seen him live before. Jorge saw him a week or so earlier, so I thought I knew what to expect. Boy was I wrong.

It seems like every other concert we’ve gone to has an opening act or two. Not this time. This was 100% pure Roger Waters. They started at 8PM sharp and played for a solid three hours. Despite the weather (50F, wind, and some rain) everyone had a great time. It was a hell of a show. They played all of “Dark Side of the Moon” and the best parts of “The Wall”, including Mother, The Wall, and Comfortably Numb.

We had people sitting near us who had flown in from Colorado and Houston, just to see the concert! Having seen it for myself now, I completely understand why. Roger Waters kicks ass.

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