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Dena got tired of me stopping in the magazine section to flip through Linux Journal every time I went to the grocery store with her. Being the smart woman she is, she grabbed a subscription card from one of the issues I bought and signed me up for a subscription. She wrote the check on August 3rd, 2006 and dropped it in the mail a few days later.

So time goes by and it slips her mind, until the next time we go to the grocery store. Then she’s wondering what happened to that subscription.

Another month goes by.

I get an email on October 24th, 2006 (in case you’re counting, that’s about 80 days):

Thank you for your recent Linux Journal order! Your order was
processed today. Your Subscriber ID is XXXXXXXX.

Why thank you for the quick and speedy service!

* Yes, I realize service would have been faster if she’d subscribed online. It still shouldn’t take 80 days to process a check.

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