Organizational Bliss

I’m somewhat obsessive/compulsive. Today, I finally took care of one of the little things that has bothered me for years: I reorganized our entertainment center.

I pulled out the TV out and vacuumed up two years of dust bunnies.

We have a pair of Sauder Audio Piers on either side of the TV. One we use for storage of movies, the other holds all of the various electronic bits that keep us entertained. Because of the heat build-up, I’ve had to keep the glass door opened for as long as I can remember (or whenever we got the XBox 360). With the addition of a PS3, and my general frustration at the dangling cables that were growing like weeds, I decided to pull everything out. After two hours of rearranging and cutting out air holes in the backing, I have the DVD changer, stereo receiver, cable box, HDMI switch and Linksys switch inside the cabinet with the the doors shut. There’s minimal heat being generated by the cable box, but it should be okay. The PS3, XBox 360, HD DVD drive and Vision camera are nicely sitting on top where they can vent heat unobstructed.

It’s the little things like disorganization that always end up distracting me. A couple hours of work and I feel a lot better. Tomorrow we’re going to finish loading our movies into the DVD player and connect a keyboard to it so we can enter the titles. Maybe this motivational streak will keep going long enough to finish my “honey do” list. I know Dena won’t complain about that.

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  1. I hear you – it’s always nice to get rid of the little annoyances like that. I think I mentioned in #linux I recently redid all of the wiring and whatnot in my computer corner. It took me an entire night, and a few nights of cleanup afterwards, but it’s been rewarding to have everything tucked away. Now that I am done with the wrapping and covering, I might build a “baseboard box” to cover it all up to ensure the damned cat doesn’t start chewing again.

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