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I’ve had my office in the basement for as long as we’ve lived in our current house. It’s been pleasant to have a consistent place to sit since I started working at home. The problem is environmental. During these cold midwest winters it becomes unbearable to spend more than a few minutes in the basement.

Dena and I debated the pros and cons of getting an office outside the home but in the end we came up with a great alternative. We decided to usurp the guest bedroom. It only gets used a handful of times a year. By moving some furniture around and putting the bed in the corner we were able to free up quite a bit of space. We made the trek to Ikea and spent less on office furniture what I would have spent on one months rent for a small office elsewhere.

I finally have a proper office area to work again. My Mac Mini on the left desk and a PC on the right, with various laptops and other sundry scattered around. I now have a comfort zone to work or write, without the need for slippers, a blanket, or snow suit.

6 thoughts on “New Office

  1. Jerker desk!

    I have a similar setup (you’ve seen me link it in #linux), and the only issue with multiple monitors is ergonomics.

  2. Nice dood I really like it! So anyone busted your balls yet about not getting a galant? The Jerkers look real nice paired up like that!

    Can I have my powerbook back 🙁

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