Mice can do that?

Mice are nibblely little creatures. They chew anything that tastes good, like cheese or peanut butter, which is a very effective lure to use as bait for the trap. I would have never expected todays turn of events, though.

Dena’s car was having troubles running. Some days it would be fine, others it would die every time it came to a stop. We ran through fuel cleaner, water remover, etc. We exhausted our meager non-mechanical options and took the car to the dealership to be looked at. The problem turned out to be that a mouse had chewed through some wires and the moisture in the are was causing them to make some kind of electro-erotic connection. The computer was getting hot and bothered and shutting itself off.

There was also a recall on a fuel pump or gasket or something, so we got that replaced and got out of there for a measly $210, a far cry from what I was expecting to pay.

Time to make the cats earn their keep and toss them in to the garage for a couple of hours.

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