Penguicon 5.0

I’m home from Penguicon, weary and sleep-deprived but feeling positive. It was a great weekend. I met many new, interesting people and forged what I hope will be long-lasting friendships.

I got to hang out with all of my friends from Ars Technica, too. We cooked out on the grill and played poker Thursday night. I doubled my money. I ate way too much (which was probably a good thing considering how poorly I ate through the weekend).

Writers Workshop

The first workshop event was a meet-and-greet. We were given a bound copy of our submitted stories, formatted and printed through Lulu. The idea is to give us a taste of what seeing our name in print is like.

We were given access to the green room, a smaller room for staff and guests of the con. It gave us a quieter place to congregate, discuss writing and get critiques of our stories.

I received some good feedback on the story I workshopped, “Recycled Dreams”. After the next round of edits it will go out as my first submission in more years than I care to admit.

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