May Goals

I’ve always worked better when I set goals for myself. I do that for the “day” job and writing should be no different. There’s more to it than just saying, “Self, do this by Friday or else!” I need to make sure that my working habits are healthy. Random internet research says that it takes roughly three weeks to form a new habit. I have begun setting aside consistent time to write every day. One hour at lunch, ignoring telephone, email, and instant message. That doesn’t mean I’m limiting myself to an hour/day. I’m just ensuring that I write for at least that long. This was day two and the progress is wonderful. I’m half-way through revising “Recycled Dreams”.


I’ve decided to apply to two other workshops this year. James Gunn’s SF Workshop is a two-week workshop held in Lawrence, KS, June 25th through July 5th. Immediately following the workshop is the Campbell Conference and Heinlein Centennial. I was talking to Dena about going to that anyways. Heinlein is my favorite author.

The second is Viable Paradise, a one-week workshop held September 30th through October 5th on Martha’s Vineyard. I’ve spoken with two of the Semi-Os who have been to VP and both of them highly recommend it.

There is a catch with the workshops. In order to get the most out of them and not waste the instructors time, the stories I submit should not be in circulation anywhere else. So until they have been rejected or through the workshops, I won’t be sending them out elsewhere. I think the benefit of going through the workshops far outweighs sitting in a slush pile somewhere. I want them to be the best I can do before I send them into the wild.

Goals for May:

  • Write every day
  • Finish revisions of “Recycled Dreams” and “Narang” (and find new title for the latter)
  • Complete first draft of new story
  • Apply to Viable Paradise and the James Gunn’s SF Workshop

2 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. Sounds like some great goals. I would apply to the workshops right away. Then you would really be forced to write. You know I think it is true when people say we live in the future. If you make plans that require writing to be done it will be much more likely happen.

  2. I’ve technically applied to the James Gunn Workshop, but I need to email him a story for consideration. That’s what I’m finishing right now.

    Once that is finished, I can also apply to Viable Paradise, which will let me send them revisions before August, so that what is workshopped is the most current version.

    I should everything out by the end of the week. Then the wait begins anew.

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