Down to the wire

The deadline to turn in my three stories for the workshop is looming. Preferred date is Friday (today), absolutely no later than Monday. The clock is ticking.

The first story, Recycled Dreams, is as done as I can get it. The second story, Narang, is undergoing rewrites right now. I added near a thousand words of notes and rough changes tonight. With the infodumps I need to cut I’ll probably break even when it’s all finished. The third story, We Can Do It For Wholesale, is first-draft quality and probably as good as it’ll get before I have to submit. The weakest of three, I think, but it has potential.

Most of the arrangements for the trip are made now. Checks sent to pay for tuition and housing. Hotel for the Heinlein Centennial is booked. Arrangements made to board the dogs when Dena comes down for the convention. Despite all of the frantic work, both getting stories ready and preparing work to be without me for two weeks, I still feel good. I’m excited to get it all done so I can get these three stories finished and submitted and get going on the next.

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