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Time for a weekly update, since I’ve been slacking. Work is still trying to kick my ass but I’m giving as good as I’m getting. This is the month of two or three major updates that will make my job much easier. I still have to let go and delegate the work, but the tools are now there for other people to use.

I’ve been weighing the benefits of participating in this years NaNoWriMo. I really need to get back into a regular writing schedule and NaNo would sort of force that. On the other hand, I could take that same amount of time working on a couple of shorts and accomplish the same thing. It really comes down to prioritizing my time and forcing myself to set and follow a schedule.

I finished another Flash Fiction and an entry in Jim Van Pelt’s 7 sentence story contest over the weekend. Nothing serious, but fun to do and it reminds me how much I love this. I’ve got a few stories bouncing around in my head that I’ve been neglecting, so I’m going to focus on writing until I clear them out.

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