Testing WordPress

I’m experimenting with WordPress 2.5 and cross-posting to LiveJournal.

It appears that WordPress 2.5 and the LiveJournal cross-poster are much improved since the last time I tested them. I’m going to knock around with this for a day and see how it fits.

I’ve ripped out the relevant portions of the LJ theme that I like and applied it to the theme here. I’ll try to keep my tests to this one post so I don’t mess up anyone’s feed.


Fairly happy with the changes so far. There are things I need to do, blanks that need to be filled, but everything critical is done.


  • The LiveJournal cross-poster doesn’t seem to copy my tags over correctly
  • There doesn’t seem to be a way of changing the order of widgets in the sidebar. Drag and drop is broken in WordPress 2.5.1

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