For Midgard! For Asgard! For Odin!

Marvel comic has no shortage of upcoming movie adaptations. X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange, Nick Fury, Ant-Man and sequels to Iron Man and Spider-Man. The one I’m most hopeful for, though, is Thor. For one, it marks a departure from the current trend in Marvel movies in that it touches on the supernatural rather than genetic mutations or lab accidents. Presumably Doctor Strange will continue that by branching into the realm of magic.

Rumors over who will play the lead in Thor have been swirling. Some have speculated that Kevin McKidd would play the lead, but his possible role has been downplayed. Personally, I’m hoping for Paul Levesque, aka WWE wrestler Triple H.

Triple H as Thor?
He’s got the look; the hair, the physique, even his voice fits the part. Plus, he comes with his own hammer. I can’t think of a better choice to play Thor. He’s already worked with Marvel, on Blade: Trinity. As a professional wrestler and occasional guest star, he has some acting experience. It’s probably just wishful thinking on my part, but come on: that’s a Thor to strike fear into the heart of his enemies.

7 thoughts on “For Midgard! For Asgard! For Odin!

  1. Normally, I’d shirk from the suggestion of having a “pro” wrestler play the lead in a Marvel blockbuster, but given the character in question, casting anyone lacking the physique of such a wrestler would simply set things up poorly. This is arguably the most famous of Norse gods, after all.

    That whole ability-to-act, however, still leaves some doubt in my mind.

  2. Me personally I would love to see Triple H as Thor and I totally agree with him having the look, voice, and physique. But I also have three others in mind that would fit thor well. James Preston Rogers, Viggo M., and Matthew G. Taylor. look at their pics on google. email me and tell me what you think

  3. man thats the best idea i ever heard. i totally agree with all you said. i would love to see triple H play thor. i would be really put down if they dont choose him cause look at him, he already has the beard, muscles, hair, and hammer for the part.

  4. I do not agree that triple h is thor he is an actor with long hair and beard and triple h is only fighting in rings

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