Twists of the screw

The past weekend was busier than most, even for me. The plan I had of building servers on friday fell apart, thanks to a screwup by Fed Ex. The hardware was delivered on Saturday, but the fun didn’t end there. It turns out I ordered the wrong case/power supply. The motherboard wouldn’t fit in the case.

I went to a local computer store and bought two “server” cases. The board fit perfectly, but it turned out the power supply didn’t have the right connector required by this board. Without it, certain on-board peripherals didn’t work, such as the video. Quite a pain in the ass. I ended up returning the cases.

My own server was much less trouble. I managed to order the right case, and I had no troubles getting it assembled and configured.

Along with all of that, I managed to revive the rotting corpse of Project Dolphin in the form of Project Orca. I’ll leave a detailed explanation of what that is for another time.

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