Dirty green thumbs

We dug up sod and planted the garden this weekend. It’s much larger than the small patch we had at our old townhouse. This year Dena is planting potatoes, carrots, onions, and tomatoes. The old garden only had room to plant a couple tomatoe plants. We should have a good yield this year, as long as the gophers don’t dig everything up.

We’re about halfway done with our landscaping projects for the spring. I need to get some of the decorative bricks that they sell at Home Depot to line around some of the flower beds and garden. A few more weekends and we should be finished.

I managed to get in some writing today, despite the landscaping and holiday. I wrote a few more paragraphs, but more importantly working on revisions as I go, cleaning up the first page of the story. I have a solid idea of the course the story is taking now. I’m working through the first draft now, and should be ready to submit it to group on the May 8th meeting. There, I’ve done it. I’ve set a deadline. It’s not an unrealistic one. Two and a half weeks to write a few thousand words. I need to finish what I start, finish my revisions, and start submitting things. My stories won’t publish themselves.

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  1. You say “tomatoe”; I say “tomatoh.” Just FYI, it needs to be spelled ‘tomato.’ 😉

    /me slinks out of copy editor mode

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